Nosework & Tracking

Enroll your dog in one of these programs for a ton of fun, mental stimulation, and bonding! Play games or pursue real world applications! All dogs welcome! *Sessions currently limited to Tuesdays.

Nosework Packages

Basic Nosework

3 Weekly Sessions

Nosework Board & Train

2 Week Program

Advanced Nosework

3 Weekly Sessions

Tracking Packages

Basic Tracking

5 Weekly Sessions

Tracking Board & Train

2 Week Program

advanced Tracking

8 Week Program


A harness is required for all Nosework and Tracking Programs. Additionally, a 30’ tracking lead is required for Tracking Programs. All Nosework and Tracking programs are dog and client dependent as we cannot guarantee your dog will excel. Drive and consistent work are required.
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All Training Packages Must Be Paid In Full Before Scheduling Lessons. After payment has been received, we will send you the link to our calendar and you can schedule your appointment(s).

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