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5 Stars All the Way !!!

The trainers were amazing with Bella & Boss ! It makes it a lot easier to leave your pets if you feel comfortable with where they are staying and the trainers treat them like their own ! I highly recommend this company and their trainers! We are very pleased customers!!!

Kelly Parks King //  Verified Review

Is it possible to give more stars?

After trying everything we possible could, including a shock collar, we finally found this place. Thank goodness we did. Remi is smart. Sometimes too smart. He had problems with not wanting to listen, had trouble with people walking towards him (men and small children), and just need some manners. The trainer did amazing with him!!! Not only did he get the training he needed, but she kept me up to date with his progress, what they did, and pictures!!! For a nervous dog mom like me that was so helpful and reassuring!!!! When we picked Remi up we left for vacation the next day. So far he is listening and doing the things we ask him!! Without Off Leash K9, and our amazing trainer, I'm pretty sure I would have that rude dog that no one likes!!!!! I'm definitely sending everyone I know to them!!!!!

Keesha Phillips  //  Verified Review

worth every penny! 

After an enormous amount of research we felt this was the best option for getting help with our Cooper. After picking him up after the 2 weeks we are more than happy with the results. They did an absolutely amazing job even with Cooper being stubborn and not too nice in the beginning. That had me worried but the trainer was amazing and I was soon getting pictures of him loving on her! I am completely happy and amazed at his transformation and am looking forward to continuing the training to make Cooper continue to be a great family member!

Gina Spring //  Verified Review

Best trainers ever!!

Took our German Shepherd Delgado for the two week board and train he is a completely different dog!! Thank you so much for staying in contact with us and all the photos and videos!! You did a great job with Delgado and training us as well!!

Melissa Riley //  Verified Review

They were wonderful!

Our dog is so strong, walking him was a struggle. After training I was no longer being pulled along. Our dog is also smart and immediately tested boundaries when he came home. The trainer came to our place and worked with us for over an hour to reinforce to our dog that the rules apply at him. They really mean it when they say this is a lifetime training. The investment in our dog was worth every penny.

Sayje Camire  //  Verified Review

Happier DOg & Happier Household!

My dog completed the two week board and train. She came home a completely different dog. She is well mannered, calm and listens! She no longer counter surfs or chews on shoes. Best decision I could have made! We have a happier dog and a happier household! 

Renee Woodyard  //  Verified Review

We can't thank OLK9 enough!

The trainer worked with our 15-month old Bernedoodle. Our dog was very unfocused and had difficulty following simple commands. He would pull and tug during walks.
After two weeks with the trainer, our boy came back a calmer, more relaxed dog. We are AMAZED at the transformation. They sent daily pictures and videos, and stayed in constant contact with us. This was the best decision that we made for our family and our dog! Our family would recommend OLK9 to anyone!

Laura Kuehn Brzygot  //  Verified Review

Very happy with the results!

Off Leash K9 Training was awesome working with our Great Dane puppy, thrilled to have him back with much better manners!

 Maribel Guati Rojo //  Verified Review

a step ahead of the competition

Once I started looking into dog trainers around Columbus, it was apparent that Off Leash K9 of Columbus was a step ahead of the competition. I watched every video that was posted and was amazed at the transition of the pups that was taken under their wing for obedience and I wanted our amazing dog Luna to be a rock star as well. Luna was dropped off with the trainer for a two week board and train program. She immediately made me feel as if our dog was in great hands. We received lots of pictures and updates on Luna's journey. I am very pleased with the results and communication from start to finish and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their dog to the next level. Again, thank you!

Jeremy Hewett // Verified Review

Thank you Off Leash K9!

I am so pleased with Off Leash K9 Training. Our German Shepherd has become a model citizen. I walk him off leash all the time. Thank God I got some business cards from the trainer. A lot of people with dogs ask me where I had Gordy trained and I can just give them a card.

We did the 2 week course and what I liked best was my dog wasn't placed in a kennel with a bunch of other dogs. He is kept in the home of the trainer.

AND when we got him back he was the same wonderful loving dog we had 2 weeks earlier! Only now he listens to me when walking, around the house, going to Home Depot and other places.

Dan Albert //  Verified Review

Best investment ever!

My dog and I are four weeks out from her two week board and train, and I could not be happier with her obedience. She is still a large crazy GSD, but listens!!!!! I am already transitioning her off the leash a little around the home and yard and she is doing exceptional. We are continuing to work out in public around as many distractions as possible.

Off Leash K9 gave my dog and I an incredible foundation of skills that we both love continuing to work on. Knowing that I have the excellent trainers available for questions and refreshers is so comforting. I plan on doing scent work with my dog in the spring.

They are true professionals at OLK9. Shout out to the trainer, The trainer who worked hard with my dog and gave me a completely new relationship with my dog. 

Scott Neer  //  Verified Review

Great Class!

My pit bull Loki finished the 2 weeks board and train and I can’t begin to explain how thankful we are! He is a completely different dog. Loki has had issues with unprovoked aggression, that I thought he would never get over. I never thought he would behave and listen this well. I have tears of joy with how amazing Loki has done:) I can’t thank Off Leash and the trainers enough, we can’t wait to have our other dog trained in a couple months!

Meghan Lowery  //  Verified Review

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