2 Week Board and Train


  • 2 Weeks of Immersive Training
  • Dog will board with a Pro Trainer
  • 6 Guaranteed Commands
    • Come
    • Sit (& Extended Sit)
    • Down & Down from Distance
    • Place & Extended Place
    • Heel (On and Off-Leash Walking)
    • Off
  • Handling Multiple Distractions in Multiple Environments
  • Greeting Manners – Door Manners – Meal Manners
  • Includes e-collar & 15 ft. leash


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Our Board and Train program comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! That means free lessons or refreshers for the life of the dog should the need arise. Never pay another dime for training! Our 2 Week Board and Train program has earned such a strong reputation that we now have dogs brought to us from all over the country! The waiting list is typically two to three months, so please contact us before paying online. See our YouTube channel for numerous Board and Train before/after videos with actual client dogs and a huge range of breeds! The 2-week program focuses on practical, everyday obedience which is completed with a high level of precision, outside, off-leash with distractions! Any dog will listen in the home; it’s outside under distraction when a solid obedience program pays off!

The commands referenced above are just the beginning! Your dog is evaluated upon arrival and the program criteria is then customized to bring out the absolute best in your dog! We determine both what motivates your dog, and what pressure your dog best responds to. Through questioning and evaluation, we also determine a course of action to attempt and work your dog through any issues or undesirable behaviors, including anxiety, aggression and reactivity.

The total price of this 2-week intensive package $2795.

** Reactivity rooted in anxiety and/or aggression cannot necessarily be “fixed”. These types of issues are always dependent on the dog and underlying issues. Continuing to work the dog through scenarios at home will most likely be the case. Nobody can guarantee a fix for these types of issues, particularly in such a short time frame, but as you see in our videos we have a lot of success in these areas. We are at the very least giving you a strong obedience foundation and the tools to manage this behavior going forward!

Training is done in as many different environments and around as many distractions as possible so we can bring out THE ABSOLUTE BEST in your dog! After your dog completes our best-in-class training program, you will be provided with a 2–3 hour, one-on-one session which will detail everything your companion does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them. Then rest assured, you have us as a resource for the rest of your dog’s life!


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