Basic Obedience


  • 4 Private Lessons – 6 Commands
    • Come
    • Sit (& Extended Sit)
    • Down & Down from Distance
    • Place & Extended Place
    • Heel (On and Off-Leash Walking)
    • Off
  • Includes e-collar & 15 ft. leash
  • Homework will be given for the week, and MUST be completed daily and with consistency
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Lessons require a DAILY commitment! Homework will be given for the week and MUST be completed daily and consistently! All lessons are private, one-on-one sessions with you and your dog! After finishing this program, your dog will be outside, off-leash, with distractions, listening on command.

This includes the Off-Leash K9 Training e-Collar, which all our dogs are trained on, and a 15-foot leash.

The e-collar we use has a two-year warranty, it is completely waterproof, and it has a range of 3/4 mile (1200 yards)! This will be brought to your first lesson along with the 15-foot leash! By the end of this package, your dog will be able to be outside, off-leash, with distractions listening on command.

Basic Obedience Curriculum
“Sit” and “Extended Sit”
“Down” and “Extended Down”
“Place” and “Extended Place”
“Off” No jumping, drop it, etc.

**Extended sit, down, and place means your dog will REMAIN in the down, sit, or place position until YOU tell them to “break” (release them).

Homework will be given for the week and MUST be completed daily and consistently.


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