why do dogs snore

Why Do Dogs Snore: Common Causes and How to Help Your Canine Companion

Key Summary Causes of snoring in dogs include obesity, allergies, brachycephalic breeds, and anatomical issues. Probable causes and health concerns associated with dog snoring include respiratory problems, sleep apnea, and upper airway obstruction. If your dog’s snoring persists or worsens, it’s advisable to visit a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment to address any underlying …

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do dogs know when they are dying

Do Dogs Know When They Are Dying? Understanding Our Best Friends’ Awareness of Death

Key Summary Dogs may possess some level of awareness of death, although it remains a subject of speculation. Signs that a dog is dying include physical symptoms, behavioral changes, and communication cues. Dogs may sense impending death through their instincts, emotional connections with their owners, and observational learning. Dogs may exhibit farewell behavior through comforting …

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why choose olk9

Columbus Dog Training: Why We Get The Best Results

The most significant difference between the Columbus dog training at Off Leash K9 Training and other dog trainers, in general, is our philosophy of not approaching training with an ideological bias. There are many training methodologies, and an owner can quickly get confused while researching how to approach a behavior problem while searching the web …

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e collar dog training

eCollar Demonstration

Below is a short eCollar Demonstration, lighthearted video showing a small portion of a presentation I recently gave. This talk focused on pressure and motivation in dog training, and the clip below highlights the eCollar portion. I am regularly asked about eCollars and am constantly educating the public on how we use them here at Off Leash K9 Training, …

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